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Our company manufactures and distributes floating docks, boat docks, and the series 400 stationary boat docks. These aluminum boat docks provide good looking floating docks with low maintenance all at an economical price. Floating docks and boat docks are synonymous with piers or wharfs and are human-made structures that are dropped in the water and intended for people to walk on. Boat docks are often wooden platforms built over water with one end secured to the shore. Boat docks are platforms used for boarding and off loading small boats.

Series 500 Floating Dock

Series 500 Stationary Docks

Series 500 Floating Boat Docks: The perfect dock for deep, fluctuating or soft bottom lakes. It’s modular design comes in standard or custom sizes and offers several height options along with 3 decking choices.

Series 500 Stationary Boat Docks: Our famous stationary dock system sets the standard for portable dock design. It’s lip-lock connection allows for the quickest and easiest installation in sectional docking. The double braced internal telescoping leg stands and the built in vinyl rub rail combine for the best looking and strongest dock on the market.

Stationary boat docks feature fluted side rails, cross arm assemblies and legs. These aluminum boat docks are made of corrosive resistant aluminum with your choice of augers or pads for feet. Boat Dock Company Instant Marine also manufactures hydraulic boat lifts featuring fast, effortless lifting that makes these hydraulic boat lifts the most convenient pwc boat lifts on the market. Our hydraulic boat lifts are a great compliment for our floating docks providing quick, quiet operation and serve as strong boat lifts designed as boat lifts and pwc boat lifts that can lift smaller watercraft out of the water in 26 seconds.

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Series 500 Rolling Boat Docks

rolling boat docks Michigan

The perfect dock for deep, fluctuating or soft bottom lakes and the stability of a stationary dock. It’s the best of both worlds.

Series 400 Stationary Boat Docks

This dock system provides good looks and low maintenance at an economical price. Fluted side rails, cross arm assemblies and legs are all constructed out of corrosive resistant aluminum with your choice of augers or pads for feet. Available in “internal” or “external” leg assemblies.

Series 500 COMBO: Stationary + Floating Boat Docks

Our rolling dock is a simple, fast and easy way to get your docks in and out. It is ideally suited for gradual slopes and natural shoreline. And works the best in firm lake bottoms.

Swim Rafts

Instant Marine Premium Swim Rafts come standard with four soft corner bumpers, two anodized aluminum cap ends, built in vinyl rub rails and one angled aluminum ladder for easy access.